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Mature Cat Monthly

Mature Cat is a monthly “publication” put out by Magicats featuring an interview with an older feline in Magicats’ care. For now, we are putting out only the cover and the interview. So keep checking each month for a new cover kitty!

Update: Adopted May 2020!!

Interview with Katie:

(E) Hi Katie – thank you for allowing us to interview you today! Do you have a goal in mind for what you would like to have happen after this interview is published?

(K) Meow! Happy to share my story today! My hope – as it has been awhile – is that I will find the purrfect new forever home to share with a family who will give me love.

(E) Well, we certainly hope this interview helps achieve that goal! Could you give us a little background about your life before you came into foster care with Magicats?

(K) Certainly! [settles in a bit with her paws curled up demurely] I spent my prior life with one family who raised me up from a tiny kitten and who really wished they could have kept me longer, but I heard rumors that some new living place wouldn’t accept me so here I am in foster care. For awhile I did live with another kitty, but we had different purrsonalities so I stayed while they went somewhere else. I have experience around dogs if that is of interest. How much can one kitty say about their prior life without getting too emotional? I was loved….and I hope to find that love again. Let’s leave it at that.

(E) Oh, that’s plenty! Let’s move on to other things…. Tell us about your food preferences. I hear you can be a bit picky – is that true?

(K) Haha – secret is out I guess! Well, it isn’t entirely true. While I do have my preferences – which I’m sure the Magicats foster lady can fill you in on – I am willing to work with your food pantry options. I do love a delicious canned food before me, but I do have a dry food option kept in my bowl. I’ve heard tell of fancy broths and tasty little fish filets…..maybe my new home will let me try them? All fanciness aside, I will let you know when my food options are running low!

(E) Good to know! Are you a full-time snuggler or more of an independent spirit?

(K) Can I be both? Once I know I am safe, I will be your new favorite companion. I do like snuggles, but I’ve been known to dash off to do my own thing from time to time. Feel free to brush me – I have a brush packed in my travel bag ready for you to use! I have a few toys packed in there as well. [wink!]

(E) Sounds like you are prepared for the moment you get to leave foster care!

(K) Oh, my time here has been lovely, but I do stay prepared for the time when a new home is ready for me!

(E) Humans make a big deal about new year health resolutions – have you made any?

(K) Oh, humans and their resolutions! [slight wave of her paw] My resolution is always to live my best life and let the human in charge know when to fill my food bowl! For specific health concerns, I do my best to stay very healthy – I did at one point have a small health issue that required some meds, but my foster human took quick care of that! So I’m a healthy older female ready to purr my way to a new family’s heart!!

(E) Lovely!! Any last thoughts for our readers to know?

(K) Oh my, I hope I’ve come across as the purrfect family member! I have so much love to give!! If any potential family has questions or would like to meet me, please contact the Magicats ladies since I’m not keen on doing interviews at PetSmart. I’m sure my new family is out there!

Interview with Fluffster:

(E) Hi Fluffster – thank you for allowing us to interview you today! How does it feel to be our Valentine Issue cover kitty?

(F) Oh Meow! I’m purrfectly delighted to be your feature cat! If I had known that at the time of the photoshoot, I would have worn my bowtie to look especially spiffy. But I suppose my usual handsome floof will have to do.

(E) Well, I think you look very handsome even without a tie! Could you give us a little background about your life up to this point?

(F) Well, I suppose mine isn’t that different from many rescue kitties longing for their forever homes – I have traded tales with many a cat and kitten I’ve crossed paws…er, paths with, but I can certainly detail a bit more about my own experience. I had a good life from kittenhood with 2 other cats and a mom who really did adore us, but things there went a bit – as you say – “south” as our mom started losing her sight. One of my fellow cats saw their advantage and became food possessive to the point where I wasn’t being able to get any food. It became a dire situation, but I hear that mom is in a safe living place and I have made a wonderful recovery thanks to the Magicats ladies. It was tough with my malnourished state and needed dental work, but I’m back to being a sophisticated, healthy guy ready to love a new family. You’ll notice my floof right away – I feel like a part of my ancestry included some Himalayan, but I’m a smaller guy so your guess about my ancestry mix is as good as mine. Started out with the name Fluffy, but with my maturity it was changed to Fluffster. I approve of that change!

(E) Sounds like a rough path to recovery for you. Did that change how you perceived your world or change what you needed from your home?

(F) It was rough, but I’ve heard from cats with a far rougher life start so I tend to think I had some guardian kitty angels watching over me at the rough part that helped me through. Remember, I had a great start – others are not so fortunate. It did give me a perspective shift and I can be a bit fearful of strangers and overbearing cats. My bout with horrible malnutrition has made me very picky about my eating schedule – while I like the occasional nibble of kibble, I require a half can of Friskies moist turkey and giblets twice a day. That isn’t too much to ask from a new home, is it?

(E) I don’t think so. With your background, it sounds very reasonable. How has your time in foster care gone?

(F) I can’t say enough good things about the lovely Magicats ladies who have opened their homes to me. I have been moved between 3 different foster homes due to circumstances changing, but the care at each has been excellent. I owe my life and recovery to them. And I’ve met so many other amazing cats! Every story is unique with all having the hope of finding new homes to love them forever. The kittens looking upon life with endless hope and excitement while the older cats who have seen a thing or two have a quieter, more reserved hope – but hope still. While my story is interesting, I hope your readers will take a moment to look at the other worthy cats in Magicats care.

(E) You are a very considerate fellow Fluffster! Any of our readers, even if they aren’t able to adopt a rescue cat, are welcome to contact us to find out how they can help with Magicats’ rescue work. That said, what would your ideal home be?

(F) Hm…… my ideal new forever home…… I get along very well with mature adults so any children would need to be respectful – not totally ruling children out, but not my best connections. Other cat inhabitants would need to be very generous and congenial. I’d really rather no dogs to share spaces with – no need to ruin my floof with dog drool. I’ve lived with a dog…not my saucer of milk. Once I become familiar with the household, I’m happy to help around the house such as kitchen supervision and keeping you in conversation while you are home. And I need someone responsible so my feeding requirements are followed.

(E) Sounds very doable for a new home requirement list – I hope this article helps you find that home! Any last thoughts for our readers to know?

(F) I think I have said what needs to be said about me – I suppose if a potential home as any other questions, they know how to get in contact with the Magicats ladies. And remember, just because we are “mature” doesn’t mean we don’t have love to give! Everyone deserves some feline love – especially on Valentine’s Day!

Update: Adopted April 2020!!

Interview with Kiki:

(E) Good morning Kiki! Thank you for meeting with me today and for being willing to meet at short notice when our prior interviewee wasn’t able to meet due to the COVID-19 concern.

(K) Oh, my pleasure! While I have been kept safe with my foster, I have heard of the craziness going on with that. I do so hope that families are taking the extra time at home to cuddle their furry family members!

(E) They would be crazy not to, right? I have heard that some families or even individuals don’t have a cat to love on in these trying times – would you be available to fill that role?

(K) It is my dream role!! Finding a new home to love me and have conversations with….a home to call my own….a sunny window to bask in while being with family…… sorry, where was I? Oh yes, I would love to find that purrfect family who needs a feline to enrich their lives! I will even get along with a small dog or two if it means a new furever family.

(E) Can you tell us a little bit about your background or your path to being in foster care?

(K) Certainly. My first memories as a wee kitten were living with a loving human who enjoyed my company. Unfortunately, she had some health issues that started keeping us apart more and more until I was told by a relative that she was gone and I was going into foster care. It was a very dark time for me and the adjustment was rough. I did what I could to hold my head up high – I even did my best to appear the purrfect companion when I was first given a try at PetSmart. But no one wanted an elegant gal like me – it was all about the kittens then. I tried to be good for a second time at PetSmart later, but rejection takes a toll on a lady and I just needed time to recover. I’m happy to say that I have regained my confidence and begun to embrace a more social attitude and happy outlook now.

(E) Well, I hope your confidence stays steady and that your happy outlook maintains into a new home! It was mentioned to me that you exemplify the role of “lady of the house” when given the chance to shine – could you elaborate on that for us?

(K) What you request – elaboration on my own talents – is not normally the habit of a proper lady, but I will try my best to answer your question. When I have the opportunity to call a place my own and had time to fully acclimate to my cohabitants, I do my best to fulfill the role of hostess. I greet guests who come to my home – maybe not now since everyone is told to stay home, but that simply means I have time to adjust to my new home and family before I will feel pressure to take on the hostess role! I try to maintain my elegance and be of no trouble in the home. If some simple conversation and an elegant hostess is what your home needs, I implore any new home to reach out and see if we could be a match!

(E) Let us hope that this interview will inspire that perfect home to connect with the Magicats ladies to inquire about you! Do you have any final thoughts you’d like us to share with our readers?

(K) Hmmm…. In these trying times for animals and humans alike, I do have my own light of hope that a purrfect home will find me and be ready to adopt a lady like myself who will, in turn, light up the home with my presence. I wish for nothing more than a home to call my own where I can help keep back some of the worry and fear that seems to be creeping in for many humans these days. And may we all see brighter days ahead!

(E) Well said Kiki! Thank you!

Interview with Tula:

(E) Good afternoon Tula! Thank you for meeting with me today and being willing to be our April cover cat!

 (T) Oh, my purr-leasure! I’ve heard about your past interviews – even had my foster human read me the latest one – and thought it would be fun to participate.

 (E) Well, let’s kick it off with a silly question… do you prefer a toy mouse or a crinkly ball for playtime?

 (T) Mrrrrr….. I’m sure they both have their enticements and I’ve been known to dabble with them here and there, but I’m much more of a caregiver-type gal who wants to focus on my human and enjoy a lap while I listen to the hum of conversation. More than happy to let the younger ones have their fun – as long as they don’t bother me on the cat tree or sunny window!

 (E) Fair enough – lap cuddles are wonderful. You say you prefer to take a caregiver role in the home…what would your ideal home be?

 (T) Well, I do have a “background” in being a confidant and caregiver for some lovely ladies so I think I’d like to get back to a home that could use a gal like me. I am excellent at keeping secrets and provide a steady cuddle when desired. Maybe a couple or just a single human in need of companionship? My caregiving gifts are best served in a quieter home that will appreciate a healing purr or just a calm presence.

 (E) Excellent skills! If it isn’t a rude question, did you learn your skills from your mom or influences later in life?

 (T) I did have some time with my mom and sisters growing up, but caregiving wasn’t necessarily part of the lessons in the neighborhood cat life. I was very shy when I came into the first foster home, but they showed me great kindness and love. It was there that I started to realize the power and joy of providing care to the humans and there came a time when they appreciated it even more. In my journey since then, I’ve learned how to blossom into a home matriarch and begun teaching other young kitties about home living as well as helping perk up the spirits of older cats I converse with. I find the joy where I can, but in my heart I know I would do best being with a human or two who need a companion to cheer them and just be with them.

 (E) Lovely Tula, just lovely! Let us hope that the humans who need you just as much as you wish for them will read this and contact Magicats. Shall we end with another silly question?

 (T) If you insist…..

 (E) I’m sure you have heard humans talk of “holidays” before such as Easter (our holiday for this month’s edition) so do you have a favorite holiday?

 (T) Purrsonally, no. I try to be happy and cheer others every day of the year. Maybe if the holiday includes an extra treat or two or extra time with my special human, that would be the one that became a favorite.

 (E) Thank you, Tula, for your wonderful answers and I hope you find a family that needs your caregiving skills!